50x50cm Collage printed on canvas covered with glitter, dried or felt flowers, lupine leaves
Unique, signed, price on request, shipping from original on demand

HappyTottii edition about “Love” wants to animate the viewer to rethink the way of life.
My passion is watching people how they behave and what they do. This is my inspiration for HappyTottii, and everyone can find themselves on one of the 850+ emoticons, and I am planning to expand to 3000.

More recently I moved away from purely on-line emoticons and started the HappyTottii “Art Series”. These are unique works, printed on canvas and combined with a collage. In my first series “Love” I let people dream while I am using technic combined with nature elements. Flower Meadow shows the Happyness in Nature and to enjoy Life. The Idea of the picture was 2018 and the last version was done in 2020 during the Corona Crises.
The combination between technic and nature is a desire for me and fits for the current time mind.

Every image is drawn with Adobe Illustrator and processed manually after printing. Added natural elements like dried flowers, etc. can change their appearance with time. Colors do not look total the same like they are in nature.

Shipping & Delivery is included in price: Please note that the standard delivery will take 2 to 4 weeks. We don’t deliver to Afrika.