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#Collage Mirror Of Society-OverTheClouds



70x70cm Collage printed on canvas on wood frame, covered with glitter, material stars, masque and spray lack, Unique, signed, certificate of origin

HappyTottii is rare, unique, collectible!

The airplane stands for liberty what we wished during Corona, the clouds for the troubles and the masque to be limitted and is one of the “Mirror Of Society” editions.

Doris Taussig born in Vienna/Austria, has 2 daughters. Since divorce she was a nomad in her life, living in different countries and invented during this time HappyTottii – the emoji focused on love and happiness in 2016 when she lived in Bucharest. In the end she got a digital nomad on Cyprus at the moment. With 73 years she is one of the oldest digital artists worldwide. This is very special.
She gets her inspiration from the daily observation of individuals and her own experiences.
So everybody can find himself on one of over 1500+ emoji, and she is planning to expand to 3000 and more computer hand drawn with Adobe Illustrator. Believe her when she says – it’s a lot of work!

She moved away from purely on-line emoticons and started the HappyTottii “Art Series”. These are unique works, printed on canvas and combined with a collage.


The combination between technic and nature is a desire for her and fits for the current time mind. Every image is drawn with Adobe Illustrator and processed manually after printing. Colours do not look total the same like they are in nature.

You can combine other pictures and create your own story, too!

Shipping & Delivery is included in price: Please note that the standard delivery will take 2 to 4 weeks. We don’t deliver to Afrika and Russia.