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Collage 50x50cm printed on canvas on wood frame, added with African Tulip Trees Flower – Ash Seeds – Eucalypthos Leaves and Seeds, covered with glitter, signed, unique, certificate of origin

HappyTottii is rare, collectible, unique!

“25 Daily Emoji” editions are made from 25 emojis from the category “Daily”. Every single picture will be different in colours, design or others. While the basic emojis are allways the same either on their place or in their size.
The background is kept colours and gray squares so that the emojis can appear better but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a closer look at the small emojis. Many years are behind this work! She express her love to nature   with the dried elements on the pictures.

Doris Taussig has transitioned from creating solely online emojis to launching her unique “HappyTottii Art Series,” featuring distinctive works printed on canvas.

Doris Taussig, originally from Vienna, Austria, and a mother of two daughters, has lived a nomadic life following her divorce, residing in various countries. It was during her time in Bucharest in 2016 when she conceived HappyTottii, an emoji centered around love and happiness. She’s currently a digital nomad on Cyprus, and at 73 years old, she holds the distinction of being one of the world’s oldest digital artists. This is truly remarkable!

Doris draws her inspiration from daily observations of people and her own life experiences.
So everybody can find himself on one of over 1500+ emoji, and she is planning to expand to 3000 and more computer hand drawn with Adobe Illustrator. Believe her when she says – it’s a labour intensive of work.

While not every image has a profound meaning, each one is designed to bring a smile to the viewer’s face and evoke positive emotions. The goal is to brighten your day.

Furthermore, you have the creative freedom to combine multiple images to craft your own narrative on your wall, allowing you to change the story as you see fit over time.

Every image is drawn with Adobe Illustrator and processed manually after printing. Colors do not look total the same like they are in nature.
Background colours stands for: pink = love and happiness, green = nature and environment, yellow = sun power, blue = endless freedem (ocean,sky)

Shipping & Delivery is included in price: Please note that the standard delivery will take 4 to 6 weeks. We don’t deliver to Afrika, Russia.