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About – the ladybug stands for love and happiness

HappyTottii is a ladybug that lives at the edge of the forest in a small house with 3 other beetles. It loves to go on excursions but pollution in nature becomes visible and even dangerous actions for it. Encountering the owl, ghost and the fridge robot makes describe wonderful unpredictable events. The large refrigerator in the house is the symbiosis between the destroyed world and the intact world. People destroy the environment in which the HappyTottiis call their home for their needs of food and housing.
Many experiences can be imaginatively told and impressively presented in stories or films. It is the everyday occurrences that affect or delight each of us. HappyTottii has dedicated himself to love and happiness, which can be seen as a red thread running through the work. 
In the end everything will be fine! Or not? What do you think?


In the spring of 2016, Doris Taussig sat at the kitchen table looking at a ladybug made of metal and enamel she had brought from a HongKong trip. An unavoidable desire to draw this ladybag ambushed her. The first designs were created.

The following summer she searched for motifs in cafes and parks. In September, Doris Taussig decided to do a computer graphics course for Adobe Illustrator, realizing that no one would be drawing the emoticons the way she intended.

At wintertime it was necessary to find a name for the cute small animal. Again and again Doris Taussig went to shops where she could expect to find customers who would be suitable for emoticons in question. Happy to help her Consumers finally chose HappyTottii. A name made up of “totii” for Romanian meaning “all”. To become more pronounced the -tt- was added.

In April 2017, the “Model” was registered in Romania, the first designs for a website began, further motifs were designed. April 2018, the Trademark HappyTottii was submitted and the website was also updated for sale.


Doris Taussig was born in Vienna / Austria in 1950, has two children and currently lives in Funchal/Madeira.

In 1968, during a lengthy stay, she attended a public art school in New York and studied nude drawing and watercolor techniques. In 1982 she returned to painting and studied nude drawing and oil painting at the Vienna Art School. 2017 Taussig did a private course for Adobe Illustrator so she can display her emojis digitally.

2018 Doris Taussig started with her first edition of Printmaking Collectible Prints.

Other live sections: Ballet Elevin Vienna Opera, modiste apprentice at family factory, study at the University of Art (Master) – Ballet, Ballet School Owner, Boutique Owner for Ballet Articles, Real Estate Constraction Business, Invention from “the flexible frame corner Clic Clac”,………..


The seven-point ladybug is the best-known and most popular species of beetle among the multitude of ladybugs, which inspired Doris Taussig for HappyTottii.

She was of the opinion that the eye-catching color of the bright red, the distinctive black seven dots and the hemispherical shape made wonderful emoticons and best use for commercial and brand recognition.


Since the number seven is also associated as a symbol of salvation and happiness, and the theme of “love and luck” should be a common thread through their works, it was the perfect partner of her expression.

The color red for love and the seven points for luck.


In Christian numerical symbolism, seven is a spiritual number as it is the sum of three and four. Three stands for the soul created by the trinity of God and all spiritual things. Four is the number of the four elements, fire-water-air-earth- so the earthy.
Seven also has great significance with the shamans. The ladybug is also considered a power animal – it gives new hope, announces a happy time and good luck in all projects.

Making a wish with the cute little ladybug has long been a symbol of luck. If you have made any wishes recently when one lands on you, you should consider yourself and your future prospects fortunate. This creature can work to make them come true. That´s the belief!


At home all over the world and therefore well-known everywhere, the ladybug is the appropriate motive to convey feelings such as love and happiness. Doris Taussig is a big concern in short form expressing as much as possible lucky but even sad motifs too.


Youngsters or young at heart who still believe in love and their power around the world


The viewer can never see the seven points because he always looks at eye level and frontally the ladybird and therefore only the front slightly raised part of the elytra can be seen.

HappyTottii is a neotrum and any specific sex symbols such as hats, caps etc. are used as an important addition to the symbolism but do not mean its gender.

The name ladybug goes back to the Virgin Mary. Since these aphids and spider mites eat these small lively beetles were therefore very useful for the farmers and named him after the Virgin Mary because they believed this would be a gift on their part. Even in English-speaking countries, it is assumed that the “female beetle” is due to the origin of religion.

Make a wish with the cute little ladybug has long been a symbol of luck. If you have made any wishes recently when one lands on you, you should consider yourself and your future prospects fortunate. This creature can work to make them come true.